Tips for Thanksgiving Travel

Tips for Thanksgiving TravelThe holidays are one of the busiest times of the year for traveling, and it can become quite the hassle if you don’t plan ahead. Avoid the headaches this year with these simple tips for Thanksgiving travel. You’ll thank us later.

If you’re flying to your destination, make it as simple as possible. Flying during the holiday season can be a nightmare, so fly direct as often as often as possible to avoid lengthy delays. There’s nothing worse than sitting at an airport for eight hours while everyone at your destination is relaxing.

On a similar note, pack wisely when traveling by plane. While you can bring some foods with you on your trip, it’s best to save the cooking and food for when you arrive at your destination. If you pack wisely, security will be a breeze, and you may not even have to check a bag.

When you land, skip the traditional taxi services. Call and Uber or Lyft for a more efficient ride. You can even share rides with other people on some services to cut down on the price. Otherwise, try the metro for speedier travel.

By following these few simple tips, your holiday travels will be much simpler. Enjoy your holiday season.

Tips for a Better Road Trip

Tips for a Better Road TripThere are few things that are as fun and inherently American as a road trip. Between the thousands of beautiful things to see in this country and the bonding time in the car with family and friends, there isn’t anything quite like it. Here are just a few tips for a better road trip to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Make a Playlist

Since radio stations come and go as you travel further and further, it’s best to make a playlist before you set off on your journey. You may not even have service at some points, so download a list to your device.

Make a List of Games

Although road trips are great, there are stretches of boredom at times. Have a list of simple games that everyone will enjoy to fill in the gaps.

Get Comfortable

Have blankets, pillows, and comfortable clothes to wear. You’re going to be in the car for a very long time, so be prepared.

Schedule Bathroom Breaks

Not everyone is on the same page for bathroom breaks, so schedule breaks in intervals to ensure that everyone is happy.

By following these few simple tips, you will make your road trip experience even more enjoyable.

Best Halloween Haunts Near Dothan, AL

Best Halloween hauntsIt’s that time of year again! Ghouls are out and you’re getting that perfect costume ready. To get in the Halloween mood, you’ll want to check out the best Halloween haunts near Dothan.

Frightmares AL

Frightmares AL is something out of your nightmares (can you see where they got their name?) This haunt is in an actual house, which means you probably won’t feel safe going home to your own home after. Plus, Frightmares is right in Dothan so it’s easy to get to.

Bakerhill Haunted House

This haunted house in Baker Hill is special because it’s all family run. It’s an old-school haunt, too, so it’s less about flashy or expensive effects and more about the scare factor that you remember from your childhood Halloween scares. That means it’s less scary for kids, too.

Columbia Manor

Take a little road trip to Columbia to check out the spooky Columbia Manor. This old house serves as the perfect background for your biggest fears. You’ll find tons of famous Halloween characters here, from Frankenstein to Jason Voorhees!

No matter how you spend

2017 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is Loaded with Advanced Technology

Hyundai Sonata HybridLove the Hyundai Sonata? Then you’ll love the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. It’s got some great updates for the 2017 model year that makes this year’s hybrid even better.
Where does it start? With technology, of course! A new 7-inch touchscreen makes for even easier access to your infotainment center versus the smaller screen before. And you’ll get HD radio. Not as available, but standard, so you’ll have top quality radio for free.
If you have an Android or iPhone, you’ll be happy because both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are standard!
Okay, so enough about the fun tech equipment. How about the hybrid technology? You won’t be disappointed. This year’s hybrid starts with fantastic fuel efficiency, yielding 45 mpg on the highway. It definitely lives up to its hybrid name.
Also available is the plug-in hybrid version. Just on electric power, this version will be able to travel 27 miles. And it won’t go slow, either! But when you have a full tank of gas and a full battery charge, you’ll get a jaw-dropping 590-mile range. Plus, if you do just want to run on battery power, this car can go up to 75 mph! Now that’s impressive.
Is there downside to this new model? Well, just waiting for the 2017 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid to arrive!

Fall Maintenance Tips to Make Your Car Last Longer

fall maintenance tips
Make sure your Hyundai is in tip-top shape this fall!


Fall signals the change of leaves, cooler temperatures, and earlier nights. It’s also the perfect time to do some regular car service. Maintaining your vehicle is easy if you keep up on service every few months, something that can drastically extend the life of your vehicle. Simply put some time in now and you won’t have to get a new car every few years.

According to Bankrate, you should make a note to yourself to get new wipers. Usually, drivers forget to get windshield wipers before it’s too late. In the snow and ice of late fall and early winter, having bad wipers can be seriously dangerous. Be sure to top off wiper fluid as well.

Check your tires. Tire pressure fluctuates depending on the temperature. In colder weather, your tires will tend to be underinflated. This can cause rubbing and wear, which can lead to blowouts and bad fuel economy. If you don’t have an air compressor, stop by your local gas station.

You should also change your oil. Most drivers average around 12,000 miles per year, which means the change of seasons is the approximate time to change oil. That’s because you need oil every 3,000 miles or so. Dirty oil can lead to poor performance, and it can also cause engine breakdowns in the future if not addressed right away.

Spray out the air filter with compressed air. Your air filter is often neglected, so be sure to see if you need a new one. They can last up to five years in general, but they can also get clogged up and affect fuel economy. Fall air tends to be lower quality, so be sure to check the filter around this time.

These are just some of the fall maintenance tips to keep in mind. Don’t know how to do these things? Stop by Mitchell Hyundai and let the professionals take care of it.

Amazon and Hyundai Team Up for “Prime Now. Drive Now.” Test Drives

Prime Now. Drive Now.
Get the Prime test driving experience with Hyundai’s new partnership with Amazon!

Working with, Hyundai recently developed a first-to-market program that allows customers to request a test drive of a Hyundai vehicle through Amazon Prime. Titled the “ Prime Now. Drive Now. ” program, this Hyundai project is being tested to see how much customers would like to have vehicles delivered right to their home to test drive.

How does it work? Hyundai says that you may select 45- or 60-minute test drives with an expert through Amazon Prime. They will drive right to your location—your home, office, local coffee shop, etc.—and let you test drive the vehicle of your choice. After it’s over, they can even drive you to the nearby Hyundai dealership to purchase the car. If not, they’ll take you right back to where they picked you up.

“With our all-new Elantra and Elantra Eco in dealerships now, we are excited to be the first to team up with Amazon to give customers a tailored test-drive experience,” said Dean Evans, CMO for Hyundai. “We know people are looking for a new way to experience our vehicles, and with the convenience of Amazon’s Prime Now service, ‘Prime Now. Drive Now.’ is an innovative solution we are testing to modernize today’s automotive shopping experience.”

This program is supported through a digital campaign, so you may see ads for it on Amazon or various social media sites. Participants will be able to schedule drives between 9:00am and 7:00pm, though hours may vary in the future. As of now, this is only offered in 25 metropolitan areas in the US, but it may expand across the country if it is successful.

250-Mile Hyundai Electric Vehicle to Arrive by 2020?

Hyundai Electric Vehicle
Hyundai has no doubts that they will reach their goal in 2020!

The Hyundai Ioniq is bound for United States shores later this year but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The South Korean automaker is predicting that a 250-mile Hyundai electric vehicle will arrive by 2020. That seems like a pretty farfetched prediction but, as it turns out, it’s entirely plausible.

The Hyundai Ioniq already offers a single-charge range of 110 miles, but the automaker expects things to advance rather quickly. That’s led to some pretty hefty predictions.

While electric-vehicle technology has come along at a steady pace over the past six years, Hyundai expects a dramatic acceleration in development over the next two years. Combined with sister companies Kia and Genesis, the South Korean conglomerate could become a major player in the alternative-energy segment.

The three automakers will developed an electric vehicle with a 200-mile range by 2018 and a 250-mile range will debut in 2020. As one would expect, the longer the range, the higher the price which means the Ioniq will still have a place in the market rather than become an outdated electric vehicle.

In all, Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis plan to put out 10 hybrid, eight electric, eight plug-in hybrid, and two hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles by 2020. That’s a huge lineup and only time will tell how it will play out.

We here at Mitchell Hyundai can’t wait to see the outcome of Hyundai’s electrifying goals!

Hyundai Ioniq Electric Vehicle Marketed to Uber Drivers

Hyundai Ioniq Electric Vehicle
Hyundai is working very hard to get more Ioniq Electric vehicles on the road!

Toyota is offering Uber drivers a good amount of incentives to drive the ever efficient Prius, but Hyundai isn’t about to let them reign supreme. The Korean automaker is researching ways to get in on the ridesharing action by offering a competing program with the Hyundai Ioniq electric vehicle. Currently only available in Europe, the sedan is offered in three efficient trims and makes an excellent city taxi.

In total, the Hyundai Ioniq is available as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric-battery models. By offering three distinctly efficient models, the Ioniq has a significant advantage over the Prius, especially in the city.

The new program has yet to become reality thanks to Europe’s incredibly complex legal system. Once the plan is developed and put into effect, the Ioniq is sure to give the Prius a run for the roads. Hyundai is also hoping that European governments will chip in when it comes to EV charging infrastructure.

“We’d like to say we could provide all the finance ourselves, but it is of course too expensive. However, if cities were to, say, go in 50/50 with us to provide better fast charging, then it could work,” said Ki Sang Lee, Hyundai’s head of eco-friendly vehicles.

Here at Mitchell Hyundai, we can’t wait for the arrival of the Ioniq electric vehicle!

2016 Hyundai Tucson Earns Best Front Passenger Safety Ratings

Hyundai Tucson
The Hyundai Tucson is well ahead of the competition when it comes to safety.

Recently, the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) tested seven entries in one of the market’s most popular segments — the small SUV. Out of all seven compact SUVs tested, only one vehicle rose above the rest to achieve a “Good” rating in the recent tests for front passenger safety. The Hyundai Tucson is now regarded as one of the safest vehicles in its segment.

The 2016 Hyundai Tucson was one of several small SUVs that were put through intense crash tests to measure how well it protected its occupants in the event of an accident. The small overlap front crash test replicates what would happen if the front corner of the vehicle in question collided with an object or another vehicle at speeds of 40 mph. The Tucson earned a “Good” rating on this test, while some competitors did not quite pass. Other vehicles tested included the Subaru Forester, Toyota RAV4, and Buick Encore, among others.

The IIHS also does not issue ratings for a small overlap front test on the passenger side. However, representatives of the IIHS said that the Hyundai Tucson easily would pass that test as well, and it’s possible they could require the passenger side to be tested equally as early as 2018. Either way, the 2016 Tucson rises above the competition in terms of safety.

Stop by Mitchell Hyundai in Enterprise, AL to test drive the Tucson and find even more about its top-of-the-line features!

Explore Dothan’s Landmark Park with the Whole Family

Dothan’s Landmark Park
Experience the fun of Landmark Park sometime this Summer!

On the southeastern outskirts of Dothan, Alabama’s Wiregrass Region, lies a scenic 135-acre park known as Dothan’s Landmark Park. If you’re looking for something fun to do, would like a glimpse into the cultural heritage of the region, or simply want to spend a mild summer day outdoors, then Landmark Park has something for you. From a historic church to an old farm to wildlife exhibits, and any number of local events, Dothan’s Landmark Park is the place to be.

From Monday through Saturday, the park is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm, while Sunday hours run from noon to 6:00pm. Admission is free for park members, as well as for children ages two and under, while children from ages three to 12 cost $3 per person and adults cost $4. Prices and hours may vary for special events, so make sure to check the calendar ahead of time.

Dothan’s Landmark Park offers a number of cultural attractions such as the old-fashioned Martin Drugstore, Shelley General Store, and the State Agricultural Museum, as well as newer attractions and activities like the Digitarium Planetarium. Experience everything the Landmark Park has to offer. This park has fun activities for the entire family. Plus, make sure to read up on any special events to see if anything catches your eye.

Do you have a favorite attraction at Landmark Park? Let us know in the comments or by stopping by Mitchell Hyundai in Enterprise, AL!

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